Madz BatachEl, who has been ENM's coordinator since Sally Pearce departed last October, has written this article on the busy and exciting times in the ENM office this year, with our core business of connecting, communicating and coordinating, plus a number of special projects.
Wanted: A New Space For ENM
Did you know that we do all our work from two tiny offices in a space shared with Supergrans Manawatū?   As you can imagine, we are bursting at the seams. Ideally, we would like to find new premises that have enough room for our current staff, with potential for further expansion of staff and volunteers, as soon as possible.  We would not be averse to sharing on a permanent or casual basis.  The features we’re looking for are:

  • Ground floor with public visibility, plus quiet working areas
  • Access to a meeting room
  • Space for public workshops to sort and store stream litter
Despite efforts to date, and support from the City Council, we are starting to get a bit desperate, and thought we could ask for a little help from our friends! Do you know of any landlords that might be willing to support the network, or empty premises that might fit the description? Any help would be most appreciated!  Please email me with your hot tips via

Plastic Pollution Challenge Project Coordinator Appointed
We are excited to introduce the newest member of our team, Heather Knox of Palmy Dirty 30 and Palmy Rocks.  Heather is already busy helping plan the launch event for Phase II, and an under-18 Lunchbox Challenge for Plastic Free July.  She will be preparing and planning litter sampling in our streams (once the weather warms up) and other educational and inspirational public events over the next 12 months.  Keep your eyes peeled for updates.
PPC Storymap, and Citizen Science Organiser’s Toolkit
Amber Filleul started in September as our Marketing and Communications Officer - GIS. She has created a gorgeous set of images and maps to tell the story of Palmy’s Plastic Pollution Challenge. A PPC Citizen Science Organiser’s Toolkit has been published thanks to the sterling work of Sharon Stevens and Lais Vidotto with support from Brian Finch and Heike Schiele.
Manawatū Food Action Network
Coordinating cross-sectorally has become more critical than ever, and we have engaged Helen Lehndorf to ‘re-invigorate’ the conversations with food action stakeholders.  She has familiarised herself with past activities of MFAN, researched national and international examples of similar initiatives, and made connections with key local individuals and organisations.  A very well attended meeting was held on 30 June to connect with others in the network and to assess ‘where to next?’ for the group.  A report of this meeting will be available later in the month.  Email for more information.
Looking forward to seeing what the rest of 2020 brings us.