Opportunities for paid employment

Environment Network Manawatu (ENM) employs a number of staff in both operational and project-specific roles.  ENM, represented by its Management Committee is committed to being a good employer applying good faith principles and providing a quality working environment, as well as fair, transparent and consistent employment processes.  The organisation values:

  • EGALITARIANISM – we avoid hierarchy
  • RESPECT – We acknowledge our personal idiosyncrasies and humanity. We have compassion for each other and our staff
  • INCLUSIVENESS- While we have areas in which we may primarily work, we keep each other in the loop on a needs know basis and support each other when we observe overload.
  • CONSENSUS- Is our favoured method of decision making.  In doing this we acknowledge that it may take longer but the delay is worthwhile because there is better understanding of how the decision came about.
  • COLLABORATION – We acknowledge that we may need to go outside our number on occasions for the expertise that we need.  When there is a heavy workload in a particular area we offer to share the load. We work with each other, our members and local authorities to come up with best solutions. 

Current Vacancies

30 Hours per week. We are currently seeking a team player for this varied role which will support the work of ENM. You will be passionate about creating compelling stories that share the impact of the organisation’s work to key stakeholders. You will also enjoy providing event management and event logistics support. Applications Close Monday 16 August.
20 hours per week. With the increased operational load of supporting multiple projects and programmes at Environment Network Manawatu, there is a need for increased support in systems and workflow management. This new role will ensure that workflows and systems continue to reflect the changing needs of the organisation. The role includes training of staff on new functionality and ensuring that systems run efficiently and smoothly, and data management is maintained and improved. Applications for this role close August 16 2021.