Heike Schiele


Apart from being an eternal traveller and a keen horse rider, Heike's great passion in life is water. Kei te ora te wai, kei te ora te whenua, kei te ora te tangata - if the water is healthy, the land and the people will be nourished. This vision, chosen by the Manawatū River Leaders’ Forum (MRLF), guides her in her daily actions as an individual, a community member and a business person. She loves challenging what is, changing perspectives, envisioning what could be – and last but not least, contributing to make it happen by being an active member of ENM, MRLF, Te Kāuru, the Te Apiti Manawatū Gorge Project as well as EIANZ.

Stewart Harrex


Stewart Harrex brings to ENM her considerable experience in the environment sector. She was a Green Party organiser in its formative days. She is part of Railway Land Action Group and was part of the leadership for the region's (now discontinued) highly acclaimed Harvest Festival. ENM appreciates the depth of commitment and all the knowledge she brings to the role.

Alastair Cole

Alastair has a wide range of Environmental, Conservation and Wildlife interests, all resulting from his childhood growing up on a bush property in Wellington. After completing his degree at Massey University in Environmental Science, Alastair worked in Ranger and Technical Freshwater roles with the Department of Conservation, Regional Council Environmental Planning. He has been Regional Co-ordinator Manawatu–Whanganui for NZ Landcare Trust for the past four years. Alastair is Chairperson of the Manawatu Estuary Management Team, which looks after the internationally significant Manawatu Estuary Ramsar Site, a Trustee of Wildlife Foxton Trust and also is a board member of the Palmerston North City Environmental Trust. When Alastair is not working, he spends his time with his wife and young family whilst juggling his hobbies; creation of a self sufficient small holding, the breeding and captive management of New Zealand native geckos, the breeding of exotic waterfowl, poultry and game birds plus a touch of tramping and hunting.

Selwyn Yorke

Selwyn is a science impact consultant from the City, but dreams of the natural environment and what it could be for us all; a dream, an escape and perhaps a business. After a chance meeting at the golf club he was thrust into a role with Green Corridors Palmerston North, and from there evolved into the committees for PNCET and Environment Network Manawatu. He anticipates a busy few years ahead, reforesting local stream banks and gullies, and enabling public access through the GCPN Range to River philosophy and the Source to Sea plan for improving Manawatu Rivers. Selwyn is occasionally seen struggling around the local trails in his running shoes or on his mountain bike.

Reece Pomeroy (Treasurer)

François Vallée

Ami Coughlan


Sally Pearce

Sally is passionate about nature and the great outdoors, which can be traced back to childhood spent helping to grow vegetables, enjoying the bush, tramping and spending time on the upper reaches of rivers while her father went fishing. Living sustainably has also been a long-term priority. She has been a long time member of Forest & Bird, and coordinator of a bush restoration project in the Rangitikei. Her formal education includes completing a BA in social sciences and a post graduate diploma in International Studies (environmental endorsement). Previous work experience includes work in the health and disability sector and at the PN City Library (customer service role). Sally has worked as environmental coordinator for eight years, and has a great overview of the local environmental sector and of what ENM does. She particularly enjoys connecting people who may be able to work together, and is the staff member responsible for the development of the Biodiversity Cluster, a sub-network of biodiversity groups, helping to build capacity in that area.

Madz BatachEl

Madz comes to ENM after a number of years immersed in family life. While raising her five children, she has been active in helping to organise and facilitate activities and communication channels for the local home school community. She is the founder and coordinator Community Fruit Harvest Manawatu, and was instrumental in helping to establish the Manawatu Urban Foraging online community. Madz is also a playing member of the community music group, Palmerston North Brass. In her down time, she loves to get outside into her garden where she has a lot of old fruit trees to reinvigorate and lawns to turn into vegetable gardens amongst an overgrown park of tree and flower gardens.

Karen Tutt

I was born and raised in New Zealand, and studied ecology in the 1990s. My university divided it into two separate subjects, plant ecology and animal ecology, and humans were mostly not considered as part of the ecosystem. I took cloth shopping bags to the supermarket, to the puzzlement of checkout staff and other customers, and rode my bicycle to work and to the shops. Back in those days there was the view that only very poor people and repeat drink-drivers commuted by bicycle. As ecological armageddon began to be talked about in some corners, I realized that the solution lies, not in yet more scientific or technological advances, nor in individual survivalism, but in radically changing our values, and the structure of our society, to fit sustainably into the planet’s ecosystems. I think ENM is contributing to this aim, and I'm pleased to have worked for the organization for a few years now, first as a volunteer, and now as part-time paid Communication Coordinator.