Horizons Regional Council is currently consulting on the 2018 Draft Review of Regional Land Transport Plan 2015-25.

Note this consultation is a revision, not a major rewrite (and the current consultation document is not greatly different from the 2015 document.)

Submissions close on January 31st, 2018

There is an opportunity to comment on the strategic priorities (Part 1) and the different level of priority they are given. These are given in order of priority:

  1. Effective and efficient road maintenance and delivery
  2. Improve connectivity, resilience and the safety of strategic routes to and from
  3. Key destinations, linking north-south and east-west, while factoring in demographic changes and impacts on land use
  4. An appropriate network of tourism routes
  5. An integrated walking and cycling network
  6. Effective, accessible and affordable multi-modal transport networks

There’s also an opportunity to comment on the activities prioritised for investment (Part 2)

For more information including the summary document and full draft document visit the Horizons website