Closed 20 April

Submissions to this consultation by ENM and the subnetwork Manawatū ​​​​​River Source to Sea can be viewed via the links on the right of this screen.

This budget is year three of Council's 10 Year Plan 2018-28, which set out the vision: Small city benefits, big city ambition.

It has been updated to reflect changed circumstances and revise the timings of some programmes. It confirms priorities and projected revenue and costs for the next 12 months, from 1 July this year to the end of June next year. It’s also how rates are determined.

The consultation document highlights changes to the 10 Year Plan and confirms how catalyst projects are progressing. 

Covid-19 update: The seriousness of the Covid-19 virus has become more evident since this budget was prepared. Before the final version is adopted in June, assumptions about costs, revenue, and the availability of external resources to deliver services and programmes will be reviewed and reassessed.