Tip #9: Know your Case for Support

Kindly provided by Kerri Tilby-Price from Exult (helping non-profits grow).

People make donations for all sorts of reasons, but for the most part it is because they consider the work of your organisation to be important. They recognise there is a problem that needs solving or a challenge that needs addressing, and they believe that your organisation is doing so in a meaningful way.

In a nutshell, if you want more donors, you need more people to:

a) Know that the problem or challenge exists

b) Agree that the problem or challenge needs addressing now

c) Believe that the way in which your organisation addresses the problem is effective and meaningful

There are lots of ways you can discuss or raise awareness of these points with potential donors, but before you do, you need to get clear about them yourself.

What is the problem or challenge your organisation is addressing?

Why is it important that this problem or challenge is addressed now?

How can you prove that the way your organisation is addressing the problem actually works?

That’s your ‘Case for Support’.

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