S2S has submitted to Horizons Regional Council, focusing on land management, biodiversity and biosecurity, and freshwater management, advising the following: 

  • We fully endorse the ongoing commitment to SLUI, however would like Horizons to share climate change modelling
  • We urge Horizons to take full advantage of 'One Billion Trees'
  • We welcome ongoing focus on water monitoring and suggest proactive action towards monitoring plastic in waterways, building capability and capacity in citizen science
  • We would like to explore oppertunities to attract Predator Free 2050 funding and a collective action plan with community


ENM has submitted to Horizons Regional Council.

ENM endorses points made in the submission of Manawatu River Source to Sea (S2S). In addition ENM has focused on climate change and transport (passanger transport, road safety education and rail), advising to council: 

  • We strongly support the developement of a climate change strategy for this region as a high priority
  • To encourage/enable those who have more options for transport to use alternatives from driving
  • We ask on what basis it was decided to not go ahead with the Highbury/Tararo trail (splitting into two routes) in 2019-20? And if this will commence in the 2020-21 year?
  • We support road safety education in general, however we want to see programmes that educate drivers
  • We also support long term plans to enhance passanger use and freight transport via rail


PNCC's responses to the ENM and S2S submissions are provided above right.