Biodiversity Cluster

Freshwater and terrestrial biodiversity

Organisations and individual volunteers are coming together to enhance watersheds, improve water quality, protect our local native flora and fauna, and conserve and extend habitat.

Together, we are protecting our precious biodiversity. We are working together actively to share information, experience, skills, and resources for the benefit of our natural environment.

We are involved in many groups and many different conservation initiatives. We have representatives participating in the Manawatu River Leaders' Forum and Te Apiti Project (both Te Apiti Governance Group and the Core Working Group).

Many of us are also representatives of Environment Network Manawatu member groups. ENM is taking a leading role in supporting our networking activities and capacity development. Our representatives report back to the Biodiversity Cluster and also to the full Environment Network Manawatu membership.

Who are involved? What do they do?

Representatives of over twenty Environment Network Member groups and other NGOs are meeting several times annually to support increased planning and cooperation, and/or to provide joint feedback to local and regional councils. These member group representatives are joined by council representatives, by farmers, and by other interested volunteers and community representatives.

Collectively, our members are involved in a wide range of initiatives:

  • Kaitiakitanga;
  • Seed collecting;
  • Native plant nurseries;
  • Bush restoration;
  • Wetlands development and restoration;
  • Urban biodiversity planting;
  • Pest control (weeds and animals);
  • Advising farmers;
  • Citizen science;
  • Advocacy;
  • Watchdog activism;
  • Wildlife rehabilitation;
  • Education and awareness-raising;
  • Fund-raising for conservation;
  • Funding conservation.

Get involved in our biodiversity cluster and their projects!

Biodiversity Cluster members would be happy to have more volunteers! If you'd like help finding a group or project that is a good match for your skills, interests, and availability, contact the Biodiversity Cluster Coordinator at ENM, Sally Pearce (

You can also learn more about many participating organisations by browsing ENM's member group directory. You can "Filter by organisation type" by selecting "Biodiversity and conservation projects" and also "Freshwater quality". Alternatively, check out ENM's member group project map: the blue pins on the map indicate places where members are involved in biodiversity initiatives.

Advice and other support is also available to groups in the Manawatu River catchment area who wish to get involved in biodiversity action. The Biodiversity Cluster welcomes new members.