PNCC invites your feedback on the recommended changes to the city’s rules for keeping animals, bees, and poultry.

PNCC is reviewing for changes to the Animals and Bees Bylaw. According to the bylaw, residents are allowed to own animals with the responsibility to minimise impacts on neighbours and follow the public health and safety.

The key changes include:


Microchipping and desexing cats is proposed to be delayed until 2 July 2019 to give cat owners 12 months to comply with the new bylaw. Cat owners would be responsible for the cost of these procedures.

Removing the current rules which exempt the private land with an area more than 2,000m² to keep more than three cats and permitting all urban residents to be covered by the same rule.


People in Ashhurst, Bunnythorpe, Linton and Longburn, or if holds a valid permit issued under the bylaw are allowed to keep roosters

A new definition of animal

Removing any confusion by specifying the animals the bylaw covers

Administration manual

Introducing guidance for people wanting to keep more than three cats, or more beehives, and for any other bylaw contraventions

Please submit your feedback here by 21 December