ENM will no longer be updating our spreadsheet of funders for environmental and sustainability work. In its place, we have been given a licence by Palmerston North City Council for GEM Local, an online grants management system. PNCC has a number of one-year licences for this system, which it is giving away for free, to community groups in Palmerston North which are registered charities (these licences normally cost $40 per year). GEM Local users can set up a customised account, and search the database of organizations that provide funding: corporate foundations, philanthropic organizations, government foundations, community foundations, gambling trusts, and more. This cuts out the need to spend hours trawling through a grant list. As well as searching grants, users can record details on the applications they are thinking about making or have made historically, creating a centralised grants history of what’s been successful and unsuccessful, and any funder feedback.

If you don’t want to have a licence of your own, you can go on PNCC’s email list to receive a monthly calendar with detailed information about upcoming grants, which can be searched for grants relevant to your organization.

Email Brooke Carter, PNCC’s Community Funding Coordinator, or phone her on (06) 356 8199 or 021 517 583, if you would like to know more.

We will be using GEM Local to supplement ENM’s knowledge of funders and funding, and will continue to provide relevant information to member groups and subscribers in our bulk emails. Please email us with questions, comments or your experiences with applying for funding.