With support from Palmerston North City Council, ENM is inviting local people to become facilitators for Future Living Skills, a sustainability course for households and small businesses, developed by the charity Sustainable Living Education Trust. The trust is active in 15 local Council areas across Aotearoa New Zealand, using publications available free from the website. Anybody can register and download the learning guides, but the trust has found that taking part in a discussion group or evening class greatly increases their value and provides the commitment to learn. The content has been developed over quite a few years, to reflect what people wanted to know, and the focus is on practical information rather than an academic approach. You don't gain a certificate, but it might change your life!  We are looking for group hosts and leaders.

If you would like to take part in an introductory session by Zoom video link with the National Coordinator in November, please email Rhys Taylor.