Coffee with TimeBank Manawatu

Jul 13th 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Halcyon Cafe - 241 Cuba St, Palmerston North, 4410
Have you heard about Timebank Manawatu?

Curious about how it works and how you could get involved?

Lovely Timebank folk will be hanging out at Halcyon over a cuppa and would be happy to chat to you and answer your questions.

Exisiting Timebank members are VERY welcome as well.

A Time Bank is a network of people who support each other by trading services, skills and knowledge, without any financial cost.

You earn time credits for any task you do, and use these time credits that you have banked with TimeBank Manawatu to get help from other members. And the best part is everyone’s work carries equal value. For example, you give two hours of computer help, you earn two credits. You might spend one credit on a guitar lesson and the other getting your curtains hemmed.

You'll be surprised how many skills you have that you take for granted, without realising that they are really useful to someone else. Everyone is encouraged to spend their time credits, to allow others to contribute in return, make a difference and feel needed.

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