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This group actively campaigns to retain and enhance public green spaces, which are vital to encourage people in urban areas into the outdoors to improve both their physical and mental well-being.
Environmental arts projects and education, fun and learning: school visits, workshops and collaboration. REACT specialize in Giant Puppet making, large scale constructions, lanterns, costumes and masks, for parades, school activities and local carnivals.
Working to create social and ecological resilience at the local level to changes in climate, external resource supply and global finance. Workshops, courses, a community garden and orchard.
The object of the Branch is the promotion and advancement of science and technology in New Zealand, and the Manawatu region in particular. A programme of talks includes some on environmental issues.
The Ruahine Whio Protection Trust works to protect whio and their habitat in the Ruahine Ranges, and to raise the funds necessary for this work. Currently, a team of 30 volunteers is maintaining a line of about 500 stoat and rat traps in the Oroua River.
The Save Our River Trust aims to re-establish the flow of water from the main course of the Manawatu River around the Foxton Loop to return the River to its state prior to 1942.
School Strike 4 Climate Manawatū is a branch of a worldwide youth movement of young people mobilising to demand action on climate change.
SuperGrans is a free service open to all to brush up on the basic skills needed to provide for oneself or for the family. SuperGrans volunteers pass on their homemaking and gardening skills and knowledge with empathy, kindness and integrity.
Te Ao Turoa Environmental Centre is part of the corporate arm of the Iwi Authority, providing an important cultural and educational service to natural resource users, local Councils and central Government agencies.
The Trust's purpose is to promote and maintain Te Araroa as a single, continuous walking trail the length of New Zealand. The Manawatū section of the trail travels from Bulls south to Levin.
This Hapū collective works to return the Manawatū river and catchment to its original calling as a source of regional pride and mana and to a healthy condition, and to ensure that sustainable use of the land and water continues to underpin the economic prosperity of the region.
A Maori centred and driven group, seeking to alleviate the effects of poverty and improve the prerequisites for health in the suburb of Highbury and surrounding areas.