LEAP: The Society for the Local Economy of Ashhurst and Pohangina Inc.

LEAP's mission is to promote the sustainability, diversity and resilience of the economy of the Greater Ashhurst and Pohangina region.

LEAP aims to:

  • promote and run projects that enhance the economic resilience, social connectivitiy, and general well-being of the rural village and valley residents of the Greater Ashhurst and Pohangina area.
  • raise awareness of how:
    • systemic biases toward global trade can harm the environment and reduce economic diversity and resilience at the local level.
    • interest-bearing debt has the systemic effect of concentrating wealth and promoting unsustainable resource use.

LEAP currently runs the Ashhurst Community Market several times a year, helps run the Ashhurst Christmas Parade, runs poster campaigns promoting buying local, maintains a local business directory on their website, and continues to work with local business owners on the LOAVES local community currency. Local currencies such as LOAVES offer the following benefits:

  • They promote community connection.
  • They encourage neighbourly support and local self-reliance.
  • They strengthen community identity and pride.
  • They increase the visibility of local businesses, including small and home-based businesses.
  • They are proven in many communities to benefit those who are disadvantaged in our dollar economy.
  • They reduce transport miles and create a market for low-footprint goods.

Phone: 027 918 4855

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