Friends of Waitoetoe Park

Waitoetoe Park is a large reserve behind Buick crescent with walkway access to the river. The park has a wonderful area of native bush that has been restored by the residents and is now the habitat of a number of native birds including the native harrier. In the summer, a keen bird watcher can see kakariki, tuis, wood pigeons, bellbirds, fantails and waxeyes. At the riverside: ducks of all sorts, grey heron, and two different sorts of shags, seagulls and the occasional spoonbill. Regular visitors to the river banks are black swans, banded dotterels, paradise shellducks and cormorants.

The area is blessed with a variety of eco climates, as some parts have been planted with pine forests and other parts are grasslands where pheasants and quail are often flushed out by playful dogs. Rabbits of course abound and the occasional possum damage is noted. The park is an ideal place for a picnic, and a group regularly play frisbee polo there. Friends of Waitoetoe Park will continue to plant up the area with native trees suitable for feeding native birds and to extend the bird corridor from Kapiti Island to Palmerston North City. Ultimately they would like to develop the area into a natural classroom for students to come and study the wide variety of flora and birdlife that the area has. The next step planned is to develop a wetlands, to concentrate on planting trees that improve water quality and to encourage classroom teaching into the outdoors and into practical environmental solutions. A number of residents are propagating native trees for the reserve and we are encouraging local school children to also plant native trees and to monitor the numbers of species that they see.

A wide range of groups use the park: schools, kindergartens, micro adventurers, scouts, A Rocha native seedling propagation, flax weavers, dog walkers, floral artists, Massey University.

Friends of Waitoetoe Park are a part of the 2012 Palmerston North Placemakers' Challenge.

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