Community Fruit Harvest Manawatū

The purpose of this charity is to facilitate the sharing of fruit from people's own back yards and orchards in Feilding and the Manawatū. Many people have trees with fruit that they don't use. Fruit is often left to rot on the ground - this group exists to make it easy for fruit tree owners to share this fruit. There are people on our own doorstep, in our own community that would very gratefully receive the excess fruit we have. With the price of fresh produce skyrocketing people are struggling - this is a way we can all help others in our community! Inspired by and connected to the very successful Community Fruit Harvest - Auckland, this group aims to make a difference.

Community Fruit Harvest does this by inviting volunteers to register their interest in picking fruit from trees in the neighbourhood for the elderly, disabled or people who simply don't want the fruit from their own fruit trees and are happy to donate it to charity.

They have donated fruit/produce to Just Zilch, Refugee Services, Plant to Plate, Highbury Whanau Centre, Paatikitiki Library, Manchester House, Whanau Ataahua, Shannon Foodbank, Levin Foodbank and a couple of churches that provide community meals. They have recently had interest in receiving donations from Te Aroha Noa, Women's Health Collective and Community House.

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